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Shock absorbing casters adjust uneven ground


The shock absorbing casters can adjust the unevenness of the ground due to their special structural composition. Rubber shock absorbing casters, with rubber as the cushioning material; Spring damping casters with springs as cushioning materials; There are also casters with both rubber and spring as cushioning materials.

Shock absorbing casters play an extremely important role in industry, as a measure to mitigate the impact of mechanical vibration. There are various impact problems in engineering, such as aircraft landing, rapid reciprocating motion of machine tool components, lifting or falling of packaging materials, which can cause impacts on machinery and foundation. Under the action of impact force, mechanical components can generate significant dynamic stress and may cause damage, and surrounding machinery and buildings may also be endangered. Therefore, in mechanical engineering, buffering or isolation measures should be taken for all unnecessary impact forces.

During the operation of shock absorbing casters, the kinetic energy of object vibration is stored by the elastic body as its own elastic potential energy. The fluctuation of elastic potential energy ensures the safety of the loaded object.

For example, the main difference between the Dashi shock absorbing DS91 series casters and regular casters is their shock absorption device:

1、 Easy to start.

The Dashi shock absorbing DS91 series casters are made of high-quality iron core wrapped with polyurethane wheels. Polyurethane has good flexibility, elasticity, and wear resistance. When installed on equipment vehicles, it not only reduces noise, but also has less starting power.  

2、 High load- weight swivel

The castor steering ball plate adopts a heat treatment process to heat treat the bottom plate and large bullet cover that carry steel balls, which can greatly improve their hardness and toughness. It can better turn during high load traction, greatly reducing unnecessary wear and noise, and reducing costs for the workshop. And provide a quiet production environment.  

3、 Shock absorption performance.

The spring casters are made of high-quality impact resistant and earthquake resistant springs, making the wheels more flexible and easy to rotate, greatly improving stress performance, protecting the wheels and brackets, and avoiding damage to the casters and even machinery or goods caused by vibration when the wheels are walking on uneven ground.