What is the material of wheels have ?

General materials of wheels include HPU PU, TPR, PP, PVC, Nylon, Rubber PH,PA etc. Polyurethane casters are a commonly used material. It is important to choose based on the applicable temperature, ground environment, move frequency and speed etc .

What is mounting type of casters have ?

There are many different mounting types can be used for casters, including Top Plate type, Threaded Stem type, Hole top Stem, Grip Ring Stem, Welded Pipe Stem etc . Normal Top Plate type is the most common and can be fixed use screw bolts or directly welded to equipment.

How to choose load weight of casters wheels ?

When calculating the load of a single caster, a certain safety factor should be given. When the ground is relatively flat, the load of a single caster=(total weight of the equipment ÷ number of casters installed) × 1.2 (safety factor); 

The wheels diameter is larger is better can be pushed?

Generally speaking, the larger the diameter of the casters, the less force is used to push them, and the stronger the ability to overcome obstacles. However, a larger diameter of the casters will increase the center of gravity and increase equipment costs, which requires comprehensive consideration.

Which type bracket of casters have ?

The bracket is divided into Rigid, Swivel and Swivel with lock brake. The  material  generally use carbon steel, which can be used for various electroplating, such as zinc plating, copper plating, nickel plating, chromium plating, spraying, etc., and stainless steel is also used.