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Dashi Caster takes you to choose the suitable handcart castor


Trolley is a commonly used transportation tool. The most important part of a good trolley is the industrial casters installed on the trolley. A good trolley casters can make the trolley move quickly and labor-saving with less noise and more durability.

So how do you choose the appropriate handcart casters?

1.Choosing the load capacity of a handcart's casters, the first thing to consider is the maximum load capacity that your handcart can use to pull goods. For example, if your handcart has a total load of 1 ton, it is generally installed with 4 casters, but the load should be evenly divided according to the 3 casters. In the casters industry, there is a safety factor for the force on the casters, and the casters may not be subjected to force simultaneously during the pushing process. Therefore, the load is calculated based on 3 casters. For example, for a handcart with a total load of 1 ton, it is necessary to choose casters with a single wheel load of over 300KG.

2. Selection of the size of handcart casters. Generally, the size of handcart casters is 4/5/6/8 inches, and the common wheel width is 40/48/50mm. The larger the diameter and width of the selected wheel, the lighter and more labor-saving the push of the handcart. Of course, the larger the wheel, the higher the price. This requires us to choose according to the actual situation.

3. Selection of Castor Materials for Handcarts’ caster: There are many types of casters available, and different types of castors can be selected based on the ground used for the cart. For example, polyurethane castors can be used for cement or epoxy floors, while TPR silent castors can be used for hotel carts and dining carts.

In summary, when choosing industrial casters, it is necessary to select the suitable casters according to one's own requirements, play the role of every penny, and reduce replacement costs.