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How to install the universal caster wheel


There are many mounting methods for universal caster wheels, including Top plate type, bolt type, hole top type, four corner rod type, spring stem type, cylindrical stem type, octagonal stem type, and welded pipe type.

The so-called Top plate type refers to the connection between the casters and the main body being a plate with several installation holes, which can be fixed with nuts. Usually, when installing, it is necessary to consider the size and spacing of the installation holes. There are also direct welding of the board to the main body. Bolt type refers to the connection between the casters and the main body being a bolt, which can be fixed with a nut when passing through the main body during installation. The installation method of the hole top type is similar to the bolt type, with the difference being that the bolt type is fixed to the casters, and the hole top type bolt can be separated from the casters.

Each installation method has its advantages and disadvantages, which need to be combined with its own product and usage environment.