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What is a conductive wheel


Conductive wheels, as the name suggests, are wheels that can conduct electricity. It is commonly used in electronic factories and military enterprises, mainly to not block current and maintain the precision of electronic devices. The difference between conductive wheels and ordinary casters is that there are conductive fibers inside the conductive wheels.

When it comes to conductive wheels, one must think of anti-static wheels. With the increasing use of casters, anti-static wheels have also emerged. The main function of anti-static wheels is to eliminate static electricity in the work area and protect electronic devices from static electricity damage.

Usually, we distinguish between conductive wheels and anti-static wheels through resistivity. Conductive wheel, conductive current, strong conductivity, and low resistance. Anti static wheel, releasing static charges, low current, high resistance. Usually, the resistivity of anti-static measures ranges from the 10^6 to 10^11 .The resistivity of ordinary conductive wheels ranges from the 10^3 to 10^5 . There is also a type of superconductivity, with a resistivity less than  10^3