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A military factory in China currently has T-shaped track wheels for shooting ranges


A military factory in China currently has T-shaped track wheels for shooting ranges, which are unglued after less than a month of use. It seriously affects the progress of soldier training and causes great trouble for logistics maintenance.

After analyzing the customer's samples, we found that the customer thought PU glue was hanging on the cast iron, but it was actually a PVC sleeve. After applying glue to the casting, it was directly applied. The appearance of PVC is very similar to that of poured PU adhesive, which non professionals cannot recognize. However, the wear resistance of PVC is much worse than that of PU casting.

With years of experience in polyurethane casting, our Dashi casters have undergone special treatment on key parts of the inner core. The processed inner core is sanded, coated with glue, and then subjected to PU gluing. We sent samples to the customer and provided feedback that after using this T-shaped wheel for the range transportation line, it runs smoothly and noiseless. I immediately customized 200 sets, which  have been in use for 1 year and 4 months without any peeling. The customer is very satisfied and recommended the company of the Brothers Company to use this customized product.