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Fortune 500 company successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange in the United States


A large domestic mechanical equipment manufacturer is a Fortune 500 company successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange in the United States. The customer's original casters were made in Germany, and after long-distance transportation, the cost was relatively high. The customer decided to seek cooperation with domestic casters, and after multiple bidding comparisons, Dashihuihao casters were selected.

We analyzed the product, explored in detail the customer's key dimensions and operating environment, and upgraded it based on the customer's existing usage feedback. After producing the samples, we conducted various tests together with the client's project personnel, including simulating the client's load running experiments on asphalt and cement pavement, 1.5 times static load 120 hour testing, instant impact testing and deformation testing, driving force testing, reverse thrust testing, etc. And send it to the customer's testing center in the United States for strict testing, and determine that all are qualified.

In the end, Qingdao Dashi HuiHao Caster Co.,Ltd became the designated supplier for the enterprise. This product completely replaces German products, and other companies around the world have also replaced it.