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Zhengzhou Logistics Exhibition has ended, but our story is still ongoing


On the afternoon of the 20th, the 7th China Zhengzhou International Logistics Exhibition successfully concluded. As the first annual exhibition of the logistics industry after the COVID-19, this exhibition has attracted a lot of attention, and also carries the expectation and hope of the logistics industry related enterprises to seek development in adversity.

Although it only has a 3-day exhibition time, the booth of Dashi Caster has always been a popular gathering place. With a rich range of products and exquisite appearance, Dashi Castors gained high attention at the exhibition. Visitors from all over the country gained a deeper understanding of Dashi Caster and its products through this exhibition.

The exhibition is over, but our story continues. During the exhibition, Dashi Caster exchanged business cards with numerous customers and reached deep cooperation intentions with some of them. In 2020, never forget your original intention and forge ahead.