Qingdao Dashi Huihao Caster Co.,Ltd is leading manufacturer for industrial casters wheel. DS Caster company hot sale products have heavy duty industrial casters wheel, Cast iron core heavy duty Polyurethane Caster wheel, Spring Shock Absorbing Casters wheel , TPE Noise-free Casters wheel,U/V Grooved railway Casters wheel, Leveling adjustment caster wheels. For relevant casters projects need,directly contact Email:candy@dshuihao.com Whatsapp/Wechat:+86 15698166560

Dashi Huihao is not just a manufacturer of casters


Dashi Huihao has a core culture: military, school, and family. How to understand it? The meaning of the military is: to have the same executive power as a soldier, to take immediate action without delay; The meaning of family is: to have the same cohesion as family, team success makes me more successful; The meaning of school is: to have the same learning ability as students, pursue progress, and never stop.

Dashi Huihao aims to improve the professional skills and comprehensive abilities of its employees, adapt to constantly changing development needs, and enhance the competitiveness of both enterprises and individuals. Since the opening of the training room at the end of 2019, various forms and themes of training have been held every Saturday afternoon. Based on the needs of employees and the actual situation of the company, we either hire professional teachers or transform into teachers, and everyone is doing their part to contribute to the family.

As a professional manufacturer of casters, Dashi Huihao casters not only have strict requirements for product quality, but also attach great importance to improving employees' abilities. Because we believe that the right person makes things beautiful!