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Management improvement starts with learning


In the development of enterprises, managers are the backbone of the company. As managers, they must strictly demand themselves, be loyal to the enterprise, understand the overall situation, consider the overall situation, contribute to the company's development, and accurately convey the company's development plan to the executive level. Therefore, Qingdao Dashi Huihao Castor Co., Ltd. held the "2023 Management Training and Exchange Conference" in the cafeteria on the morning of March 18, 2023.

All management personnel of the company participated in this training, and each participating management personnel actively made speeches during the training, sharing their training gains and management suggestions for the company.

Mr. Ding first shared the training and told us multiple management stories. From these thought-provoking stories, we learned the true essence of management and made future prospects based on the actual situation of Dashi Caster.

The development of an enterprise cannot be separated from the efforts of every employee. Only by working together can greater value be created. In the future, Dashi Huihao Caster will continue to pay attention to the happiness index and ability improvement of employees, and continue to create value for society and customers!